Better hearing starts
with the right provider


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Better hearing starts with the right provider

How to Select a Hearing Healthcare Provider

When looking for a hearing healthcare provider, here are some items to ask about:

  1. Do you provide a thorough diagnostic hearing evaluation? Ensure your provider has the capabilities for the following tests:
    • Air conduction testing
    • Bone conduction testing
    • Speech testing
    • Distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE) testing
    • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing
    • Tympanometry or acoustic immittance testing

    You may not need all of these tests, but going to a provider without full capabilities may leave you with an incomplete hearing evaluation.

  2. Are you a Doctor of Audiology? Doctors of Audiology have advanced degrees and are skilled at providing diagnostic, rehabilitative, and other services associated with hearing, balance and tinnitus management. Doctors of Audiology are able to diagnose any bigger ear issues that may be contributing your hearing loss instead of only stating you have a loss.
  3. Do you offer Tinnitus treatment? Tinnitus and hearing loss go hand and hand; if you have Tinnitus and a hearing loss, selecting a hearing healthcare provider that offers Tinnitus treatment will save you time and give you a comprehensive solution.
  4. Do you offer the latest hearing instrument technology? Some practices are only allowed to sell certain manufacturers’ products, meaning your choices are limited when it comes to hearing instruments. Viewmont Audiology stocks all major manufacturers offering all of the latest technology to ensure you get the instrument that works best for you, not the provider.
  5. Do you offer appropriate pricing for product and service? Shop around to ensure you are paying the best prices for the level of technology wanted and service guaranteed with purchase. Confirm you are being quoted for the exact hearing instrument from practice to practice as a you may being quoted a better price, but for lesser technology or lesser included services.
  6. Do you offer a warranty for loss, damage and repair? Hearing instruments are an investment so make certain the hearing healthcare provider you choose is willing to invest as well by providing and honoring warranties for loss, damage and repair for your hearing instruments.
  7. Do you offer hearing conservation customized for hunters and musicians? A practice that offers hearing conservation products really cares about hearing health and providing their community with options to safeguard hearing.

At Viewmont Audiology, we can proudly say, "Yes" to all of these questions. We are committed to our patients and their needs, passionate about helping people hear better at every age and provide personal attention to ensure patient satisfaction. Viewmont Audiology wants to be your lifelong hearing healthcare provider to help you maintain your hearing and engagement with your world.